The Storm is Coming

With a half- smoked cigarette dangling from his blackened lips, Franky looked up at his shop window from underneath a rusty 1932 Roadster. “It’s really coming down now.”, he thought. The first time Franky looked at his watch today was when he noticed the lightning and thunder outside his shop window. It seem to increase in intensity every minute… so intense that he knew he should call it a day and drive home as fast as he can. In the corner by the fridge, his favorite song was interrupted by an emergency broadcast of a huge storm heading towards Kreepville. He checked his watch again and thought, “if I left now, I can still catch The Fright Is Tight, on TV”… Boy, did he have another think coming!

One Thought on The Storm is Coming
    September 16, 2022
    6:30 am

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