Welcome to Kreepville.

If you follow the road for a few hundred miles, between Sylvania and Elmwood, past the Fields of Bones and the Forest of Fright, you will soon find yourself, in a curious little town called… Kreepville.

This town, despite of the obvious quirks of its locals, is normally, a simple, quiet town – but things are about to change tonight.

This is a special night indeed for Dr. Rodney Finkenstein, or “Rod”, to his very few peers. He never thought it could happen, the culmination of his life’s work – finally, bio-metal fusion! He grabbed his device from his rusty lab bench and hurried down to his utility van. He thought he couldn’t get out of this town fast enough, and into the limelight.

As he stepped outside of his lab, he was greeted by heavy rain and wailing wind. Lightning seemed to follow his van as he drove frantically towards the city.

On the opposite side of the road, heading home from his garage and barely seeing through the storm, is the meek and quiet mechanic named Franky. For the past 139 years, he has kept almost everyone’s vehicle in town from falling apart, charging them next to nothing. He loves his town and its people, and they love him. It seems this is as good as it gets for Franky, but that is as far from the truth as can be…

Everything happened at once – the lightning, the crash, and the zero point. What emerged was more than anyone could have ever imagined. For this began the tremendous beginning and the awakening of the quiet, sleepy town called Kreepville.

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