Join Each of these Discord Servers and hunt through the channels and posts to locate the “Golden Egg” reactions. Copy the message link (right-click -> Copy Message Link). There are 4 in each server.

OH NO! It’s a Bunzilla! Everyone… Hide your veggies!

These little Kritters are a menace around Kreepville. They destroy gardens and steal random stuff they find!

What’s worse… They grow VERY LARGE if you don’t tame them, and then the destruction becomes much greater!

This mini-collection is part of ᵀᴴᴱKREEPS project. It is a collection of 10x 1 of 1 unique cNFTs.
These will have utility in the main project.


🏆 1st PLACE 🏆

7 KreepyTickets + the 1st Place Bunzilla

🏆 2nd PLACE 🏆

5 KreepyTickets + the 2nd Place Bunzilla

🏆 3rd PLACE 🏆

3 KreepyTickets + the 3rd Place Bunzilla
4th to 10th PLACE
1 KreepyTickets + a Random Bunzilla

You must find all 20 tickets before 11:11PM PST on 04/17/2022.
Winners will be announced within 72 hours after the close of the event.

To submit your eggs, you must submit your 20x message links inside THIS channel.
If you don’t have access to a computer or can’t copy the message ID, you may submit an email to support [at] kreeper.io with all 20 screenshots. Only 1 email is needed, and must be timestamped before the end of the hunt. Good luck!
NOTE: This is a public channel, we don’t suggest posting anything until you have all 20, otherwise, you are telling others where the links are. If you happen to have one of them wrong and they have it right, they WIN.

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