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Public Mint Day!

Today... We make history. Public mint day will have a total supply of 513 + any rollover from previous mints. Pricing: 99 ADA (Standard Pricing) Happy Minting... Ya KREEPS!

GhostList Mint!

GHOSTLIST DAY! Today, you can mint an unlimited number of tokens up to the cap of 140 (approx) total supply. Price is 88 ADA (Discounted Rate). There are 13 Ghosts (Ghost Type Kreeps) in this collection that you have a chance to mint, which will not appear in the Public mint. Any unsold tokens will […]

AirDrop & WhiteList

Today is the Pre-Sale AirDrop AND OG / WhiteList Sale! Max supply is around 310, and a discount price of 77 ADA. You may mint up to the total number of WhiteList tickets you have in your wallet that we took a snapshot of on 11/21/2022. Any unsold WhiteList Tokens will roll into the GhostList […]

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